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Lutra: The Gate (working title)
 A musket ball whistled past Alfred Saxton’s ear, striking a stout oak just a few short meters beyond him. The Doppelsoldner ran faster, trying to distance himself from the Swiss marksman. He weaved between the tall, ancient trees, heading deeper into the thick forest. A few minutes later, he’d lost sight of the ruined and burning caravan all together. Already he somewhat regretted having gone so deep into the woods, he possessed neither map or compass. He felt almost certain that he’d changed direction during his dodging and weaving through the trees, and due to the thick canopy, he could not see the sun to use for directional reference.
 Even so, he reasoned that if he just kept going in his current direction, he’d surely reach a town sooner or later. Alfred stood still for a moment, listening for any sound of pursuit. The forest was eerily silent. The only sounds were the wind, and the quiet flow of a creek. The sound of the water only reminded Alfr
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The Origin of the Great and Derpy Gab-Vee
A young aspiring animator and artist named Gab awoke one summer morning. He groaned, got out of bed, and stretched. As usual, his bad back was bothering him. He headed down the stairs, careful not to wake up the rest of his family. Gab had been expecting an artbook in the mail today, but his folks were not terribly keen on his artistic hobby.
Gab crept over to the door, and found an Amazon package. He quickly grabbed it, and snuck back up to his room. Once there, he opened it, excitedly tearing off the tape and removing all the packing paper. However, instead of the Pokemon artbook that he’d ordered, he found a rather silly looking wand with a little star on the end. Gab let out a groan. Of course the one time he was really looking forward to getting a package, they’d sent him the wrong thing.
Even so, he picked up the silly wand and waved it around aimlessly. How was some crappy piece of plastic supposed to help him? At some point during his aimless waving, the young artis
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RP #1
Hello everyone, posting this to open up the first round of RPs I will run. These will eventually become a regular occurrence, with a new round starting soon after the previous is finished.
I don't do RP in comments, but notes or discord are fine. If ya know me and already have me added, Skype is ok too.  
Rules/ Limits: Please use paragraph format for posts. So quotes for anything you or characters you control say. NSFW only in private chats, and only if discussed prior. I will not do vore, extreme growth, or extreme weight gain. I also do not do inanimate tfs generally speaking, though I may make exceptions.
Prompts: 1. South American archaeological expedition- based off the "Emperor's Pet" Story, but the TF may differ.
2. Egyptian archaeological expedition
3. Scifi setting- our characters are sent to a planet on a biological survey.
4. Altworld- same setting as my first story.
5. Any other setting ideas you might have.
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Well Deserved Time Off (TF Month Short Story)
"Finally!" Johnny thought aloud as he drove down to the beach. He'd been stuck at his boring job at the theater all week, but he had a day for himself now. On top of this, the air temperature was just about perfect. He'd been looking forward to getting some free time for a while, and it was finally here.
 Johnny reached the beach about an hour later, and began looking for a parking spot. He groaned. There did not seem to be any free parking for miles. He drove around in circles looking for a spot for quite some time, but was still unable to find any. Eventually he came across an old fishing pier, and next to it was a nearly empty beach which seemed to have great waves. "Jackpot!", he thought, not considering why it was so empty. He parked his car in the lot, and walked down to the beach with his stuff.
 After setting his things down, Johnny headed down to the water, swimming out in the hope of catching a good wave. He saw a rather large one in the distance, but his mind didn'
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Peach's Reward (Peach Tf to Koopa Queen)
It was another typical day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toads strolled the streets and played and worked the day away. The sun shined down upon the land from above, and Princess Peach watched over her kingdom from her castle. Of course, also as usual, the Princess was rather worried that Bowser would appear and trash the place, AGAIN.
The princess’ worried musings were interrupted by a quiet little knock at her door. She opened it, and was somewhat surprised to see an out of breath Mailtoad standing in the doorway. “Here…..” He passed her a carefully wrapped package. “Someone dropped this at the post office and said it was urgent. I figured it might be rather important, so I’ve brought it directly to you.” Peach thanked the Mailtoad and showed him out. Once that was done with, she looked at the package quizzically. She hadn’t been expecting any mail, and things seemed to be relatively normal at the moment. She opened the package. Inside was a
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Emperor's Pet
A pair of young treasure hunters had just discovered a new ancient structure deep within the Amazon. No one knew exactly what was inside, but local legends suggest that it is full of gold, and other, unimaginable riches.
The entrance was a simple doorway, covered with ancient writing which would be difficult to decipher. Rough rune-form shapes protruded at seemingly random spots in the door.
"Well, ready for another temple to explore?" Johnny said, cracking his neck and putting on a pair of work gloves.
“Definitely.”, answered Alfred, the second of the pair. “We are going to be rich, famous, or both if we make it back with any loot or artifacts”
Alfred approached the doorway, looking for a way to open the door. "Unless it's sealed, there should be a lever or button, or simply a place to push on.  See if you can’t find anything like a particularly worn area or an area that is cooler than the rest of the door."
After a good half hour of careful examinat
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AltWorld VR TF/TG Part 3
Upon returning to the apartment, the pair looked through their belongings.
After a while of going through her personal effects and finding little of interest, Alicia decided to take a shower before they went out. After making sure that she had a towel hung on the hook on the door, the otter disrobed, and turned on the shower. As she waited for a moment for the water to warm up, she glanced at herself in the mirror. If she'd been her old male self, she might have been attracted to this body. But now, even seeing her entire female self for the first time in the mirror, she felt nothing. Not even a twinge of attraction. Alicia supposed that confirmed the further progression of a certain mental change she'd been somewhat dreading. Even so, she still was not frightened. It just felt normal. she hopped in the shower, and began attempting to clean out her fur and hair with the shampoo. The warm water helped ease her stress a little, and by the time she exited the shower, she felt much better
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Dragon's Due (TF Story)
A dragon hatchling looked up at its mother as she prepared to leave to hunt for food. After ensuring that the hatchling was safely within their mountain cave home, the mother left, hoping to kill a deer or two in order to feed the hatchling. The hatchling, along with its mother possessed gems of a sort mounted within the scales of their chests. These gems were the source of the dragon’s magical abilities, which generally consisted of breath related attacks, but on occasion could provide a dragon temporary powers beyond the simple breath spells in times of need.
A short time after its mother’s departure, the hatchling caught a glimpse of a butterfly just outside the cave entrance, the movement of the insect catching its attention. Incapable of flight, the hatchling pounced at it with nearly feline grace, but only just missed it. The hatchling followed the butterfly, lunging at it over and over, with each leap leading it further and further from the nest.
Meanwhile, a young k
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AltWorld VR TF/TG Part 2
As the darkness cleared from Alfred’s vision, he found himself to be in a new room entirely. This room, instead of being a sealed plain white structure, seemed to be part of an apartment. The room was rectangular, and had two beds, with a few windows lining the wall. Two dressers stood in opposite corners near the door. He turned around, and behind him has a blue vixen anthro, who had a look of worry upon her face.
“Hello?” Alfred said, wondering if he would get a response.
The vixen looked at him,“Hi?”
“Are you another player?”, Alfred asked.
“Yeah.” The vixen replied in a shaky voice. “I logged in with a friend, and the employee said that we’d spawn in the same place….”
“Johnny?” Alfred said questioningly.
“Alfred?” The vixen began to look slightly less stressed. “I was worried for a moment we’d not spawn near each other.” The vixen began to walk away from the wall,
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AltWorld VR TF/TG Part 1
Two college students, Alfred and Johnny, approached a short grey building. Above its main entrance hung a sign with the text “Altworld VR”.  
“Well, here it is.” Alfred said needlessly to Johnny. “We’ll finally be able to try out the beta that new VR system that this company sent invites to us for.”
Johnny turned his head towards Alfred and asked; “ Do you think it will be any good?”
“I sure hope so”, Alfred replied. “I’ve waited for real virtual reality for years, and this is supposed to be the real deal, so I hope their advertising and statements match up with the real system.”
“Any idea what game or program in particular they are going to have us test?”, Alfred asked as they approached the doorway.
“I heard that it was sort of a simulation of life in the city.” Johnny answered. “Other than that, I really don’t know. “
“That could be interesting if
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Alfred (Feila Character) (Gift from epiccaleb) by alftheotter Alfred (Feila Character) (Gift from epiccaleb) :iconalftheotter:alftheotter 2 0


The coloring and shading on this piece is quite excellent. The changes seem natural, and do not contrast horribly with her body. Indeed...

Like most of your other works, I really liked this piece. The coloration is quite good, though that's pretty standard for you. (Can't t...

This is quite a good piece really. You've actually represented her very well for someone unfamiliar with the character. Not only is her...

I've always liked your work, but this piece in particular stands out to me. You've drawn Tiana in a number of styles or poses over the ...


Mature content
Demonic Backfire :iconlexam-the-gem-fox:Lexam-The-Gem-Fox 38 3
Mature content
Commission: Wild Child's The Pound :iconlexam-the-gem-fox:Lexam-The-Gem-Fox 4 0
Mature content
Gift: Stink Bomb'd :iconlexam-the-gem-fox:Lexam-The-Gem-Fox 9 0
Mature content
Commission: Ice Cream Truck :iconlexam-the-gem-fox:Lexam-The-Gem-Fox 20 5
That Cali Tan - TG Transformation by Grumpy-TG
Mature content
That Cali Tan - TG Transformation :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 274 9
It Backfired by rubberfrills It Backfired :iconrubberfrills:rubberfrills 179 18 Foratin by KaceyM Foratin :iconkaceym:KaceyM 655 21 Coco Hula Dancing by KaceyM Coco Hula Dancing :iconkaceym:KaceyM 739 73 S2015 - 15 - tf-wizard - TG Anthro by Luxianne S2015 - 15 - tf-wizard - TG Anthro :iconluxianne:Luxianne 191 3 Kobold Princess Rescue by Gannadene Kobold Princess Rescue :icongannadene:Gannadene 501 39 Transformation Sequence: 5 by animator
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The Devolution Device
Rose Windborn wasn’t the smartest genius in the world, but she was one nonetheless. Her assistant, Kriss Thompson, was an unrepentant criminal loaned to Rose on the condition that by the end of the experiment, Kriss would no longer be human. They worked well together.
Or so Rose thought.
“So, this part goes here?” Kriss looked up to the scientist with a proud grin, holding one of the last components to what Rose had simply labeled ‘the device’.
The doctor grinned, nodding eagerly. In all honesty, she hadn’t expected a convict to be so well-behaved, especially when threatened with the prospect of devolution. But Kriss had exceeded her every hope, taking on quickly to her designs.
The device was simple: it would evolutionarily regress someone as far as the user desired. There was a small pad in the center of the room for the regression, coupled with another safe area for the user and any observers.
All in all, it was almost brilliantly simple, and sinc
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 56 10



Wow. You all have given me more than 2000 page views!
Thanks so much fellas, and yes, I have one of those Lily stories in progress. My schedule is pretty crazy, but I'll finish it and post when I have a chance.
Hello all. I'm sure some of ya are wondering why I haven't posted any new stories or Lutra pages yet. I started summer classes a bit ago, and haven't had quite as much time to write.

That being said, I do have some things in the works, and hopefully I can release them soon.
Hey, sorry about the wait. I'm currently working on a few pieces based on the Lily's Den RPs.

In other news, my friend here:… started up commissions a little while back. Check his work out, he's got some real interesting tf stuff.
Alright, so here's the next thing I'm opening up. Basically, I'm going to open up an RP Series called "Lily's Den". In these RPs (1 on 1 or small groups only for each session), You'll get to interact with a rather mischievous dragoness. These will be very TF heavy, and some are likely to become stories that I'll post. Anyone interested can either join my Discord here: , or hit me up on skype (I'm Alftheotter there too). Preference is for Paragraph or script format.
Work on Lutra has been slow, and I hate to keep you guys waiting, so I'm going to start something new. So from this point forward, I'm open for story/ art trades, and I've also got another surprise I'm working on.
It's been a few weeks since I've posted (or written) a story. Sadly I was unable to work on anything at the hospital, though I did try to keep up with as many of you as I could. So for any of you that I offered RPs to but didn't start or finish, just not me.

Now onto new business. 

See, I haven't posted any material with my otter oc, Alfred Saxon on DA as of yet. I aim to fix that, so in addition to future tf stories, I plan to write some stories with him as one of the primary characters. Might be a while before any of those are released as I want to ensure quality and actually write something that I like and that I think you guys will like as well. So yeah, there is that to look forward to in the future. I may start off with some sorter pieces or stand alone stuff, but eventually I hope to make something that can be ongoing.


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I very much agree, Silva is one of the best characters in the series. I don't know how far you are into the series, so I won't spoil anything for ya, but I will say that in some regards Silva and his antics become even better as the books go on.
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